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summer_avatarJames Calbraith is a Poland-born British writer, foodie and traveller.

Growing up in communist Poland on a diet of powdered milk, “Lord of the Rings” and soviet science-fiction, he had his first story published at the ripe age of eight. After years of bouncing around Polish universities, he moved to London in 2007 and started writing in English.

His debut historical fantasy novel, “The Shadow of Black Wings“, has reached Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semi-finals in 2012. “The Year of the Dragon” saga sold over 12,000 copies worldwide.

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10 thoughts on “About Author

  1. James, how are you?

    Good news, we are giving you the “BEST MOMENT AWARD“. Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the day!

  2. Daniel L. says:

    I’m so glad you decided to Podcast “The Shadow of Black Wings“… I’m most of the way through it and am loving it!

    Please, oh please, think about Pod-casting the rest of the series as well ;)

    Congrats on it hitting the Historical Fantasy bestsellers list! That’s an AMAZING accomplishment!

  3. morality22 says:

    Your writing and sales success is inspiring. I lived in Budapest, Hungary for awhile and traveled around Eastern Europe. Thankfully, it was after the Berlin Wall fell, so I didn’t have to live on powdered milk while there!

  4. Hey! I nominated you for Blog of the Year! I’m so proud of you! Keep it up!

  5. Laxmi says:

    Love soviet scifi too! Day Watch & Night Watch Zindabad! as they say :)

  6. I grew up on powdered milk, too. I tried to serve it to my kids, but just didn’t work. Interesting background.

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