80 sites to advertise your book


January 9, 2013 by James Calbraith

kindleThis is a list compiled from various online sources, most notably – Rachelle’s Window (go there and thank her! :) she also lists Alexa rankings for the sites) and my own research. As of posting this on January 9th 2013, all sites listed are accepting submission, unless otherwise noted.

Majority of these sites advertise books when they’re free, as part of KDP Select or Smashword promo. If you want to advertise a paid book, you usually need to pay extra.

The spreadsheet behind this table is available here. If you think I’m missing something, let me know in the comments.

. URL Free Ad Paid Ad Comments
. 100 Free Books Guaranteed no longer accepted
. Addicted to eBooks Guaranteed registration required
. Addicted to eBooks Guaranteed registration required
. Ask David Guaranteed
. Author Marketing Club Membership + listing
. Awesome Gang Guaranteed $10
. Bargain eBook Hunter Guaranteed
. Book Blast Guaranteed  Must be deal, not free
. Book Daily Membership + samples
. Book Goodies Guaranteed
. Book Goodies $5
. Book Goodies $25
. Book Goodies For Kids Guaranteed Children only
. Book Matchers Listing + search service
. Book Promo Central Same as Indie Book Promo Small Press only
. Book Tweeting Service $29+
. BookBrowse $2-7 pm
. BookBub Various options. $60+ probably most effective right now
. Books on the Knob Not guaranteed
. BookSlut $175-$450
. Centsible Reads Guaranteed various options, $25+
. Daily Free Books Guaranteed $7.5
. Digital Book Today Not guaranteed 4 stars minimum
. Digital Book Today Various options, $30+
. eBook Daily Deals Guaranteed
. eBook Impresario $20+
. eBooks Habit Guaranteed
. eBooks Habit $10
. eReader Cafe Guaranteed
. eReader Cafe Guaranteed
. English Books XTME Free For
. EReader News Today Not guaranteed Very limited selection, 4 stars minimum
. Fire Department $50
. Fiverr $5 per service individual people advertising your book
. Flurries of Words $4+
. Free Book Deal Facebook post
. Free Book Dude
. Free Books Hub $5
. Free Digital Reads Not guaranteed 4 stars minimum
. Free eBooks untested
. Free Kindle Books Not guaranteed 4 stars minimum
. Free Kindle Fiction Not guaranteed
. Free Kindle Fiction $5
. Freebooksy Not guaranteed $50
. Frugal eReader Not guaranteed no longer accepted
. Frugal eReader $50+
. Frugal Freebies Guaranteed
. Good Kindles $7
. Goodreads custom budget
. iAuthor UK “Value” free until April £0.6 per click
. Independent Author Index Membership + listing $19 one-time fee
. Independent Author Network Membership + listing $25 one-time fee
. Indie Book Promo Guaranteed Four options, $25+ or small options, $8+
. Indie House Books Guaranteed various options, $25+
. Indies Unlimited Freebie Friday, 99c Thursday
. Just Kindle Book Guaranteed
. Kindle Book Promo Guaranteed
. Kindle Book Promo $10+
. Kindle Book Promos Guaranteed
. Kindle Book Promos various options, $10+
. Kindle Book Review Not guaranteed $5+
. Kindle Freebies Guaranteed e-mail
. Kindle Mojo Not guaranteed $5
. Kindle Nation Daily Guaranteed
. Kindle Nation Daily Various options, $100+ number of options, effectiveness reduced lately
. Kindle Romance Review various options, $25+ Romance only
. Kindleboards Free post in the thread  One per book
. Kindleboards Guaranteed
. Kindleboards various options, $35+
. Kobo Book Hub Free Free Kobo only, listing not guaranteed
. My Book and My Coffee Guaranteed
. Orangeberry Not guaranteed
. Orangeberry Promos various book tours, $29+
. Pixel of Ink Not guaranteed Very limited selection
. Pixel Scroll $5+
. Snicks List Guaranteed On the day
. That Book Place Guaranteed
. The Cheap $15+
. Trindiebooks Free books free $25 KOBO only!
. YA Book Promo Central Same as Indie Book Promo YA only

13 thoughts on “80 sites to advertise your book

  1. OSP says: is a free resource to advertise your book, writer’s blog and more.

  2. Gean says:

    Yes, good article indeed, I can help and give my 5 cents, I used a few different sites to market my sites and one I can sugges for advertising books, one I used is It was free and had an Authors category.

  3. James says:

    Great list, I would add on that list

  4. Wonderful list! Has been a great help in starting my life as a writer.

  5. Soledad Steele says:

    Another is

    Inexpensive & allowed my book to be featured.

  6. A new website where you can promote your Kindle books:

  7. Admin says:

    Please consider adding Book Deals Daily

  8. Great list. Thanks.

  9. Wo3lf says:

    Thanks for the time you took to compile this list. It is appreciated. I will make sure to give thanks to Rachelle as well. All the best with your writing endeavors.

  10. Jim Self says:

    Fantastic, James. Thanks very much.

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