Yaldā Advent Calendar 2012 – Day 13 – “The Hobbit” Gift-away


December 13, 2012 by James Calbraith


Tonight is Lussinatta. Tomorrow is Hobbit Premiere Day. To celebrate these two important holidays :) I’m doing my biggest Yalda Giveaway yet:

I’ll be giving the gift of Hobbit.

There are, apparently, people who haven’t read The Hobbit. I often find that hard to believe. The Hobbit was the first proper book I remember reading. It was the beginning of everything that’s good in my life – it’s the reason why I’m here, writing these books and this blog.

So let me share the greatness that is The Hobbit with you. All you need to do is have an Amazon account and fill out the form below. I’ll choose a person at random (or through a contest, if there’s too many of you :) and send the e-copy of the Hobbit as Kindle gift.

(PS: make sure to check the other remaining giveaways of the Yalda Advent Calendar)

(PPS: if you’re feeling generous, donate to the Worldbuilders charity over at Pat Rothfuss’s blog and get a chance to win one of many fun signed books, including my own!)

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One thought on “Yaldā Advent Calendar 2012 – Day 13 – “The Hobbit” Gift-away

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