“Transmission” revamp; Diwali Free Promotion

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November 13, 2012 by James Calbraith


A lot of things to cover today!

First off: my short story collection, “Transmission”, has just DOUBLED in size! That’s right, there are now SIX stories, not three! Three new stories are: The Twitching, O Lucky Man! and Teophany.

To celebrate the relaunch, the collection is FREE all day today on Amazon. If you bought the book earlier, a free update is coming your way.

Oh and by the way – “Transmission” got honourable mention in this month’s On The Premises magazine, so be sure to check them out.

And Transmission is not the only thing FREE today! In a ONE DAY HAPPY DIWALI PROMO, two more of my books are FREE right now: Dragonbone Chest (fantasy novella) and The Shadow of Black Wings (1st volume of “The Year of the Dragon“)







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